High Blood Pressure

What's the Best way to Lower High Blood Pressure?
The best way to lower high blood pressure is to use natural herbs and to maintain a proper diet
and lifestyle. Most people, who have high blood pressure, want to keep their blood pressure at a healthy level. Nature's herbs are the best for the high blood pressure. Herbs for high blood pressure may help relieve this dangerous condition which affects more than 40 million people suffering from life-threatening hypertension.

How you can keep your high blood pressure at a healthy levels below 120/80.
Regular checking of high blood pressure is only way to know blood pressure levels.There are a few things need to follows to lower high blood pressure.Cut down on salt,give up smoking,give up alcohol,exercise regularly,loose weight,get enough sleep,learn to relax and also good to take vacation to relieve stress. If you do all these things your blood pressure will be at a healthy levels below 120/80.

Heart and Stroke Foundation
High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, could lead to a heart attach or stroke, and could damage other vital organs.High blood pressure can also be brought on from kidney problems.


Herbs for lower Blood Pressure are:
Garlic,Green Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger-Root, Turmeric, Maitake, Hawthorn Berry.
Garlic helps thin the blood, have other healthy benefits as well and also reducing blood pressure.
Green Tea Japanese studies have proved that switching to green tea from coffee or black tea indeed reduces blood pressure.
Cinnamon is a native of Sri Lanka it is used in large quantities in Indian cooking as a spice.
Ginger acts to improve blood circulation and relaxation muscles surrounding blood vessels.
Turmeric has antioxidant ability improves blood flow and strengthens blood vessels.
Maitake helps to control weight loss and lower blood levels.
Hawthorn Berry maintains blood pressure.