This site has lots of grammar quizzes on many different topics. Use it to practice!

This is a list of different topics for you to work on:


article practice
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Building Sentences

Building Sentences
Scrambled Sentences
Scrambled sentences and tenses
This site quizzes you on simple, compound and complexsentences.
Word order in English Sentences
Word Order Quizzes


What is a fragment? It's only part of a sentence. Here are some exercises on fragments

Adverb Phrase Order

This site will help you put your adverbs in order
Go here for some interesting instruction on the kinds of Adverbs
More information on adverbs
Adverb phrases
Informationon Adverbs and their order
Connectives: Choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

About Phrases and Clauses

Learn about phrases and clauses
Exercises on clauses


Start here with simple present tense.
Do I use simple present or present progressive?
Keep practicing with past tense and past progressive
Read the explanation of the present perfect and then do the 3 exercises.
Work on your present perfect.
Choose simple past or present perfect.
Read about when to use the passive voice and click on the blue links to find the exercises.
There are lots of grammar points to review here, do the passive exercises first and then have fun with the rest.
This site has lots of different exercises on many different tenses.
This is a snakes and laddersgame for you to practice all your tenses. Roll the dice and answer the questions. Watch out for the snakes!!


Here are some prepositions with adjectives to practice.
Go to this page and practice your prepositions of place.
Go to this page and practice your prepositions of time.
Here are some more prepositions with verbs and adjectives.
More prepositions
Here is a verb and prepositiondictionary. Type in any verb and find out what the preposition for it is.

Gerunds and Infinitives

Try this exercise in gerunds and infinitives
practical exercises on gerunds and infinitives
passive gerunds and infinitives
gerunds and infinitives exercises
past passives and passive gerunds and infinitives
still more exercises on g/inf

Phrasal Verbs (idioms)

Here is a phrasal verb site. Go in and play!

Parallel Structure

Read about it and then practice your paralell structure
Scroll to the bottom of the linked page for exercises on parallel structure


Go to English Idioms to research idioms by topic



Passive vs Active sentences

Just for Fun

Have some fun listening to "all the words in the English language"!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we had to speak our punctuation?
Watch this and find out.

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Here is another set of flashcards with the words we have been studying.

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