Ways to learn English:
The best ways to learn a language.
More ideas on language learning.
101 ways to learn English.
Suggestions on how to best learn English.

1. Go to Wall-Wisherand write a virtual sticky-note about the 3 best ways to learn English. Don't forget to include an example of how you would use each way.

2. Read this article about learning styles. What ways could you improve your auditory, visual and tactile learning strategies? Take notes and share with your group.About learning styles

3. Vark learning styles quiz.

4. Learning Styles Quiz

5. Take the Learning Stylesquiz. How do you learn best?
click here to see the distribution of how people learn. distribution of learning style strengths

6. Look at this Wordle. What themes (general ideas) can you see? Can you group the words into these themes? Go to the discussion board and leave a message about what you think this group of words is expressing.

7. Go to You Tube to watch some videos on multiple intelligences.The Battle of the Brains
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6

8. Here is a video about multiple intelligences in learning. Listen and answer the questions below.


  1. When was the video made?
  2. Where was the video made (state)?
  3. What is the curriculum based on at this school?
  4. How many areas of intelligence are there?
  5. Is one area more important than the others?
  6. What did instructors have to do?
  7. What did they develop so the students could "play to their strengths"?
  8. What gives you a better outlook for the future?
  9. What do students develop?
  10. What does the school work hard to do?
  11. What do they need to teach children instead of information?