1.What is advertising?Go to this link. In the navigation pane to the right of the article are other pages. To answer your questions you will need to read:

a. What is advertising?
b. Types of advertising
c. Types of advertising: Product-Oriented
c. Types of advertising: Image
d. Types of advertising: Advocacy
e. Types of advertising: Public service
Chose one topic that is NOT mentioned here and take notes making sure you have the main ideas and one detail for each main idea.

2. Go to this link to watch some award winning commercials and answer the questions provided about them. Work with a partner.
Fantastic commercials Thanks to Jane Petring for her website.

3. Read this article on Media Literacy

4. More information on advertising

5. This is an article about what makes a good advertisement. Read it and take notes.How to make a good advertisement

Watch this video to see what the experts say about making a good commercial.


CBC News

Social Media

Practice your summarizing on the "Wall" :
Wall Wisher

Here is a game you can play: It will test your media vocabulary.
Media words game