1. Take one of these spending quizes; Spending quiz 2 about grocery shopping ORabout general shopping, for a fun way to find out your shopping personality. (The scenarios may not match your lifestyle perfectly, but which answer best reflects your attitude about money?)

After you take the quiz:

Then research your the topic you have been assigned and make notes. When you get back to class, with you table group, fill in the chart on the worksheet.
A. $ and Relationships
B. $ and Kids
C. $ and Budgeting
D. Saving $

2. Do you want to know how to save money? Go to this site to find out some great ways to save money on your monthly expenses. Scroll down to the Money Saving Directory and choose 1 topic you want to learn more about. Read it and take notes so you can share you new information with your group.

3. Research an article about immigrant financial mattersand take notes in point form. Keep them safe you will be using them later.

4. This is a link to a listening about money from NBC

5. Go to this virtual bulletin board and post your 3 ideas of Why you should save money?

7. This Stats Can report on Canadian debt compared to American debt is very interesting. Stats Can Report on Personal Debt

8. Here is a chart that tells you what percentage of your income you should spend on each category. How should I spend my money?