Water Resources

1. Introduction to Water Issues in Canada. Watch this video and write down the issues that Anthony Watanabe talks about. Do you think these issues are the same in every country?

2. Water Issues in Africa Watch this video and write down the water issues that Africa has to deal with.

3. Using the Government of Canada website and the Government of Alberta website look for issues affecting Canada's and Alberta's water supply. Take notes and report back to your group.

4. FLOW is a non-governmental organization dedicated to making information about government policy clear and available. Check this website for information on provincial and federal policies. waterpolicy

Just for Fun

1. Here is an interesting student report on Water on Earth. Take notes and share with your partners.

2. Does water really have a secret? The Secret of Water Many of the links on this page no longer work; however, the Water Project link and the structure of water link do work and are very interesting. The IMOTO link discredits the theory that water molecules change when subjected to music or emotion. It is also interesting. Write a short paragraph outlining your opinion about this "pseudo-science". What importance does water have for mankind?