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Citing an Image

Whenever you use content that you found elsewhere, you need to cite your source. Most departments at Bow Valley College use APA citation, but other methods are legitimate. Please check with your instructor regarding what citation format is recommended.
A citation contains a number of elements (Simon Fraser University, 2011):
    1. Image creator's name (artist, photographer, etc.)
    2. Title of the image
    3. Institution (gallery, museum) where the image is located / owned (if applicable)
    4. Material (digital, photograph, watercolour)
    5. Date of access (the date you accessed the online image)
    6. URL (web address of the image) and/or Database name

Examples of citations using both MLA and APA formats can be found at

Flickr & Attribution

This is a 2 part process to 1) find a creative commons image on Flickr and 2) embed the code with attribution onto your wiki page. Creative commons licenses generally give you permission to use the work as long as you attribute (give credit) the work to the creator.

Step 1: One of the easiest sites to find creative commons images on is Flickr. The Flickr database can be searched using Once you have entered your search terms, select "Creative Commons" from the menu that appears on the right hand side of the page. When you find the image you want to use (and the size), copy the link (URL) and go to step 2.

Step 2: Go to and paste the URL into the box. This site returns an "embed code". Copy the embed code, return to your wiki page, and insert the code into your page.Select the "Other html" widget and paste the code into the text box that appears.

Example of APA Citation

This example demonstrates the citation that could appear in a caption attached to an image as well as the full citation found in the Reference list.

Type of Computer Mice

Computer mice have come a long way since the first mouse was created (see Figure 1 for an example of an early version of a computer mouse). Wikipedia (2011) defines a computer mouse and then discusses the naming of the device. The entry goes on to outline the history of mice and the various features that can be found. Various communication and connectivity protocols are
discussed including wireless options. Basic and more advanced mouse operations are explained as well as multiple mouse systems, mice found in gaming systems and mouse pads. Virtually everything you ever wanted to know about a computer mouse can be found in this Wikipedia entry!
Figure 1 image of computer mouse (Wax115, n.d.) Creative Commons copyright

The Reference List citation would appear as follows:

Format: Photographer. (date, if available). [responsibility) name of file. [Online Image] . Retrieval date & website where it was found plus retrieval URL.
Wax115. (n.d.) [Photographer]. Mouse.jpg. [Online Image]. Retrieved January 19, 2011 from

The Wikipedia entry would also need to be cited in the reference list:

Wikipedia (2011). Mouse (computing). Retrieved January 19, 2011 from

Where does the citation go?

Ideally, the citation would appear with the image in a caption or be found on the image somewhere. Sometimes, that is not possible to do, given your technical skills or applications you can access. For assistance in citing works, please refer to • Generally, a short citation appears with the image (in a caption) and then all details (as listed above) appear in a reference list. Your references should appear at the bottom of your wiki page for this assignment.

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