You have been asked to do a biography on a famous Canadian.
A biography is the story of someone's life. Not only should it describe the events and facts that took place during that person's lifetime, it also tells a good story. A chronological listing of events can reveal a lot of information, but it may not be very interesting to read. Telling the story of someone's life can make for fascinating reading.

  • As you research the life of your famous Canadian, keep in mind the following questions:
    • What did he/she do to become famous?
    • What values (something that a person considers important enough to do something about) shaped this person's life and achievements?
    • What choices or decisions did this person make which led to his/her notoriety?
    • In what way(s) did the actions of this person benefit or influence others?
    • What were the major obstacles that this person had to overcome?
    • Why should we be proud of this person's achievements?

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