1. How did the doctor treat patients in 1900 or 1950? Go to http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aso/tryit/doctor/ to see how he would have treated you way back then.

2. For Disability Week:
A. Assistive Technology
B. Wikipedia Assistive Technology

3. Here is an article that comments on euthanasia. It is not for or against, it just has information.
This article is for euthanasia. This article is against euthanasia. Read both. What do you think?

4. Here is a link to Health Canada's website. Go into the interactivities and practice making good choices. Nutritional choices

5. What is a "Food Fad"? Take a look at these 10 food fads. Fill in your chart. Do you have food fads in your country? Top 10 Food Fads

6. What the world eats.
Wordle: Alternative Medicine

7. These two sites can help you with your research on Alternative Medicine.
A. Top 10 Alternative Medicines
B. Wikipedia's list of Alternative Medicines