Hi guys!

Welcome to CLB 6.

In CLB 6 we will be focusing on making your speaking and writing more correct. We will also do a lot of vocabulary work and practice reading for information.
People who are in this class have Canadian Language Benchmarks from 5 to 8, so we do a lot of different things.
On the average it takes 500 hours to move up one Benchmark. This depends on a lot of things, but two things that can help are: do your your homework and pay attention in class. You may also want to review what we have done during the day to see if you have any questions about it.
By now, you are discovering interesting phrases you see in written English all around you. You may even have heard some sentences or words you don't understand when you are listening to people on the street. Bring all your questions to class and we will discover English together!

I have just a few rules for using this wiki. Please when you are asked to watch a video, only watch the video that I have chosen or embedded unless otherwise insructed. This is very important because not all videos that you click on will be appropriate for student viewing. You Tube is a public site and many people post things that are not polite.. Please obey this rule.

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