This page provides an example of a completed student assignment.

The assignment was to:
  1. Create a new page
  2. Edit the page by typing some text - format the text as desired
  3. Edit the page by adding a picture (please comply with copyright and licensing laws)

  1. Edit the page by adding a YouTube Video - embedded not linked
  2. Adding 2 links to the page - links to websites, e-mail address or file.
Here's my Example:

Topic: Khan Academy

The video I chose introduces you to the Khan Academy. Sal Kahn has created many, many online video tutorials for science and math concepts as well as finance. You might find this site useful for your own learning or pass it along to your children who may need a little help with their math homework!


Here is the link to the Khan Academy where you can see the list of tutorials available:

Link to Khan Academy
There are also some study guide links on Bow Valley College's Library and Learning Commons site: BVC study guides

Please check out the Wikispaces How To page if you need help creating links or embedding the video.