1. Listen on ipadio

2. This is a place you can go to read and listen on different subjects. Don't forget to do the exercises!

3. Go to this page to listen to English conversations.

4. Go to the VOA site. Listen to the selection on Predicting Earthquakes. Did you hear some of the vocabulary you listened to on Thursday? Answer the 5 W questions to make a brief summary. Go on and listen to something else you are interested in.

5. This is the home page for Voice of America Newscasts. On the right hand side of the page there is a menu that has different Reports. Click on one of the "Reports" and another page appears with story choices. This is the special English VOA. The speakers are slower than a normal newscast.

6. Here are some TV shows onSlice to watch and summarize for your blue book.
Til Debt do us Part for the classsroom

7. CBC has a great websitefor you to listen to and work on your English. It allows you to listen to the news and do exercises around the news story.

8. Use this site to practice listening and writing. Listen and Write

9. Go to World Reportto listen to news articles for CLB 6 Accelerated

10. This is the downloadable version of World Report. If you want to download it to your computer you may be able to rewind and listen to only parts of it. Download World Report

11. Randall's Cyber Listening Lab has lots of listening texts and questions.
12. Here is a Phlog about success. Listen in and see if you have what it takes. Randall Sheppard

13. Go to this Canadian Music Websiteand practice your listening. Fill in the blanks with the words you hear.
14. The Northwest Passage by Stan Roberts is about being an explorer in a new land. Franklin's Expedition
15. This is a site for you to listen and take dictation. Listen and WriteIf you sign in (free) you can use the cloze exercises instead of the whole sentence exercises.
16. Go to this CBC website to find all kinds of listening activities. CBC Learning English