More About Modifying Images

If you would like to edit your image before you bring it into the wiki, then you will need to use another application such as: (free)

Download from Tutorials and user forum is available at

Gimp (free)

· Gimp can be downloaded from User manual can be found

· Gimp Atomic Learning tutorials available at You can access Atomic Learning through Bow Valley College's licensing agreement. Contact your instructor for login information.

Screen Captures

· Jing and FS Capture are free tools that allow you to capture images or create video tutorials.
· Jing can be downloaded from and has both free and pro versions. Jing can be used to create short video tutorials (a.k.a. screencasts) and screen captures (a.k.a. screen shots).
· FS Capture is an alternative to Jing for creating screen captures only. Current versions of FS Capture are available on a trial basis, but an older free version can be downloaded from The zip file can then be provided to learners via e-mail or placed in an Adobe Connect file share pod for learners to save to their computer.

Adobe Photoshop (commercial application)

Atomic Learning tutorials include Adobe Photoshop, Elements, Premiere Suite, Insuite, Presenter, etc. Please search for the application of interest to you.

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