This pronunciation page includes audio files on linking, word stress, sentence stress, suffix stress and many other interesting topics in pronunciation.
  1. Here is a great website to practice pronunciation and listening:English Central
  2. Go to this site and type something into the computer. A computer generated voice will read it back to you. An interesting way to practice pronunciation. Read the Words
  3. This site has thousands of English words that have been recorded. You can search for a word you are not sure of and listen to it. Listen to English

Listen and practice
Accent Reduction
Collection of Pronunciation sites
Here is a video introduction to English Vowel Sounds
Lesson 2 - Frontvowel sounds
Lesson 3 -Backvowel sounds
Lesson 4 - Centralvowel sounds
Lesson 5 dipthongs. Dipthongs are sounds that have 2 sounds together. For example /iy/ as in beat.

Listen to the Moveable stress words from your sheet. Practice saying the words.

Use these books and the audio files below the bookshelf to practice your pronunciation. Open the audio file first and then open the book. When you finish "reading" the book, press the close button in the book's tool bar or your "escape" key to exit.

The /iy/ Sound

The /ae/ Sound
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The /i/ Sound

The /e/ Sound

The /th/ Sound