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Student Projects January 2011
This page contains links to projects that have been created by students. Please click on the Link to view the group projects.

Project Directions:
  1. Create a new page on this Wiki. Tag your page with your topic and your teacher's name.
  2. With your group, decide what topic you wish to research.
  3. Research the topic using print and internet resources.
  4. Use the Wiki page created in Step 1 to summarize your research and share interesting links with your classmates. Don't forget to include your sources for pictures and information in your Bibliography at the bottom of the page.

Click on the wikipage name to navigate to the project


Wiki Page

Lia and John
Nuclear Technology
Irina and Beatriz
Hai Nay and Selina
National Animals
Galina and Juan
Chronological vs Biological Age
David and Tracy
Oil Sands
Phuong and Saedeh
The Alarming Effects of Microwaves
Mickie and Oleg
Solar Energy
Hamza and Amir
Global Financial Crisis
Ranjana and Nicole
Margareth and Cristina
Equine Therapy
Jia and Banaj
Fadila and Jian
Breast Cancer
Natsuko and Yoji
Hybrid Car
Angelica and Shukria
Health and Beauty
Abdeljabbar and Ruslan
Introduction to 3D Movies
Rong rong and Blanca