1. Prefixes Suffixes and Root words are important when learning vocabulary. Go to this site for a list of common prefixes, suffixes and rootsand do the exercises for each section. What other words do you know with these affixes?

2. Go to the Spelling City website and practice your weekly spelling words by playing games and testing yourself! Spelling City

3. a. This is a matching exercise for Language Learning Vocabulary List 1
Match the definition on the right with the word on the left.

3.b. This is a game you can play with the Language Learning Vocabulary List

3.c. This link will take you to the Language Learning vocabulary list with audio.
Language Learning

4. This is a multiple choice exercise for Technology Words. Choose the correct part of speech for the vocabulary word.

5. Use these flashcards to study the Technology words

5a. Here are the same words in a game called : Scatter. Drag the matching items together and make all the words disappear. How fast are you?

6. This is an interactive crossword puzzle that uses the Crime words spelling list. See how many you can remember.

7. This is a podcast about idioms with animals. Listen and take notes.

8. This link will take you to a set of flashcards for Intelligence and Learning Styles

Just for Fun

Here is a visual dictionary. Have a look and type in a word to see what happens. Use the legend on the side to help you understand the word relationships.. (not a picture dictionary!)

Go to the free rice site and practice your vocabulary and have rice donated to a poor country at the same time!

Go to the games site to work on more interactive crosswords and other games.